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Truth About Tea

How good is a good Tea?  Teas are filled in all walks of today’s lives; some teas are not even tea, yet they still carry the name tea to sooth people heart like a good Tea.  Therefore, to manifest the true knowledge so that everyone knows where true tea comes from would reduce mistakes being made for the name given to green tea anymore.

A true tea tree must branch from the tree called Camellia Sinensis.  This tree has been known for about 5000 years.  Many centuries later, this tree has branched to three other tea trees that had been very popular around the world.  Most people know them as Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Black Tea.  The truth is that these types of teas are not the names of the real tea trees; the people who plant and grow these trees label them to win people’s favors.

The three types of trees that branched off from the Camellia Sinensis are:

  1. The Assam tree: The Assam tree family has over one hundred different species.
  2. The Mien tree: The Mien tree family also as over one hundred different species, and
  3. The Wuliang tree: The Wuliang family has 56 different species.  These trees originated from seeds that were germinated and colonized by bees when Mr. Wu Liang planted the first two types of trees next to one another.  Mr. Wu Jiang tested these 56 Wuliang species for the most potent and valuable tree and found that Wuliang #17 is the tree that has the highest Polyphenols and Catechin content.  Conversely, Wuliang #12 has the least content.  Every other Wuliang species are simply the same or similar to the Assam and Mien families.  Over a long period of time, people changed Wuliang to Oolong.

Today, KuabChua is telling you the truth about KuabChua Royal HealTea are made from the Wuliang #17 tree, and the Preferred TeaRai is made from the Wuliang #12 tree, the two trees that has the most Polyphenols and Catechin content of all tea tree species.

There are no tea trees that are called Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Black Tea or White Tea.  However, there are Assam trees, Mien trees, and Wuliang Trees.  When you see the name Green Tea, you must ask yourself, what is the tree which the tea is made or blended from; is it the Assam trees, the Mien trees, or the Wuliang trees.  When you ask this question, you will be able to select the tree that has the most helpful potent content tea tree to help you.