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About us

KuabChua’s vision is to have everyone benefit from drinking KuabChua Tea, and that those who drink KuabChua Tea could proclaim their internal spiritual being and external physical being fusing one another; when the two realms are in one harmony, the thoughts and actions would become a reality.

KuabChua has selected the best herb to plant at the best location, in that the land must locate at the radiant aurora light of heaven in conjunction with the cessation of earthly internal energy. The pure water must flow from high-mountain top; the plant must be taking care of like how nature has done since the beginning of time. This delicate care process is a must to ensure the quality of potency contents, so that those who drink would obtain maximized benefits.

KuabChua is the grower, manufacture, and educator so that you not only realize but achieve the benefits that nature has intended for you.

KuabChua’s farm is located at the Golden Triangle
369 Moo 7, T. Maengoen, A. ChiangSaen, C. ChiangRai 57150 THAILAND
Tel. 66-81-699-6401, 66-53-182-457


KuabChua’s supporter and distributor in the United States of America is:

10090 E. Collier Rd.
Acampo, CA 95220
United States of America
Tel. 599-696-9347